Gorgeous bird: the bee eater

At La Farigoule we are extremely lucky to have these beautiful birds nesting not far from the house in the Sand quarry. These migratory birds can be seen from late spring to autumn.

As seen in the garden this June (2019)

Keep looking at the top of the trees, particularly in the field at the bottom right of the house. You will need binoculars to appreciate its colours. With the naked eye, it looks deceptively dark.

I did not take this picture… I wish!

You can also spot it in flight as it has a distinctive shape.

Or you might hear them before you see them because their sing is distinct too.

See Wikipedia if you want to know more.


The purpose of this blog is to help our guests make the most of La Farigoule and its surroundings.

Let’s start with a bit of music!

Sérénades en Baronnies

Isabelle and I have always thoroughly enjoyed
This association proposes high quality chamber music in and around Buis les Baronnies. It’s always well worth the 25mns drive.
Their next concerts are available at

Centre artistique de Piégon

This artistic centre is only 5mns drive away from Mirabel and offers various forms of art, including music.

It’s well worth keeping an eye on their program
I personaly subscribe to their newsletter (on the Contact tab) to make sure I don’t miss it when around.

Jazz dans les Vignes

I have to confess I have not attended yet but I’ll definitely fix this very soon.
In order to do that, I just subscribed to their newsletter. Promise!

Chorégies d’Orange

Impossible not to mention this festival as it is SO popular.
Of course, you will want to book your tickets well in advance.
Even if it is not your type of music, you might want to attend just because of the venue. It is not just any concert hall…

Alternatively, you can simply visit le Théatre antique d’Orange